~ Danville's 2013 Iron Heritage Festival ~
July 19, 20, 21, 2013 "Our Civil War Years"

The 15th Year of the Iron Heritage Festival!


As the IHF Committee continues to plan the this year's festival we would like to let our friends know some of the events being planned. As we get closer to July this page will continue to change as our plans are finalized.

  • 2pm, Sunday July 14, 2013 - Dedication of the Revolutionary War Monument in Memorial Park. Join the local 'Daughters of the Revolution' as they honor and remember our brave ancestors who fought for our freedom.
  • 6pm - Danville Middle School, Tennis Tournament begins. The fourth annual IHF Dr. Foss Tennis Tournament. Men, Women and Junior Boys and Girls are all invited to play at the Danville Middle School tennis courts. The Events will be an Open for Juniors (18 & under), Men & Women singles, doubles & mixed and Juniors Boys/Girls singles, double and singles. Mary Rae Pipa director. Click here for Application
  • 6:30pm -Thursday July 18, 2013 - Dedication of the Iron Fountain in Riverfront Park. The design of this new fountain is a replicate of the old fountain and is being placed in nearly exact spot of the old fountain that was dedicated in 1913. A big thank you to all who donated to this beautiful fountain.

Friday July 19, 2013 - The Dodworth Saxhorn Band, one of our favorites from the past will once again will be back in Danville for this year's festival!
"The replica of the 93rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Regimental Flag will be unfurled on Friday. The original Regimental Flag was presented  to the Regiment by the ladies of Danville on June 27, 1865. The flag was returned to Danville in the 1990's, thanks to the efforts of Dick Patterson. The original plan was to have the flag restored but this was cost prohibitive so a fund raiser began. In honor and memory of their father Dick,  Shane & Erik Patterson contributed the rest of the money to have this replica completed. The flag will be presented to the community on Friday.  Thank you Shane and Erik."

  • Mason Jar Auction: Check out the IHF Company Store and see what is up for bid in the Mason Jar auction. Buy six tickets for $1.00 and place them in jar of which item you would like to win, you’ve just made a bid! Don’t forget to keep the second ticket and check the numbers which will be posted during the IHF weekend.
  • 1pm to 5pm –Out House Dig, behind Hometown Abstract,  223 Mill St. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, and to an historian an outhouse can be a gold mine. Every old home had an outdoor ‘pit’ privy or outhouse until the advent of indoor plumbing.  Garbage items like empty bottles and pottery are possibly the most common, but coins and other valuable items were occasionally lost down an outhouse hole and may be recovered as the outhouse hole is dug. Robert Lee invites you to the presentation of his outhouse dig to see what he brings back from the past as we get a glimpse of how our ancestors lived. 
  • 3:00 - Community Ballroom- 'Battle of the Bands' Come and listen to the Excelsior and Dodworth Bands clash with 'music' from the Civil War era. The Excelsior Band will take the Union side and the Dodworth Band will compete with music from the Confederacy.
  • 4pm - Mr. Chuck Veit, president of the Navy and Marine Living History Association will speak about 'How the US Navy Won the American Civil War' and his book "A Dog before a Soldier" will be for sale. Presented in the Community Ballroom.
  • 4pm - ‘Railroads of Montour’  with John Decker at Hawkins Garage, Mill St. Five railroads have served Montour County from 1842 to present. Listen as John explains this history which he has had a lifetime interest and enthusiasm in.   
  • 7pm- IHF Parade will be starting at the corner of Railroad & East Market Streets & march down E. Market St to Mill St. and end up at Coles Hardware Parking Lot. (food available 4pm until ?) . Bands marching in this year's parade will include the Union Volunteer Fife & Drum Corp, Dodworth Band, Danville Community Band, Excelsior Band. (click here for parade application)
  • After the Parade the Excelsior Band will be performing at the corner of Mill and Lower Mulberry. and  the Dodworth Band  will perform at Coles Hardware parking lot. We are excited that these bands will be participating in many events throughout the weekend.



Open all Day!  Mill Street with strolling entertainers, music stages,
Artisans, food, special stages, Victorian Highwheelers, Miniature display and more!!

IHF Round Corner Stages - Four Stages will be located on Mill Street
Performances at 11am until 4pm - On the Hour and Half-Hour, the schedule can be found at the Company Store beginning July 1,

At the DMS Complex: Tennis Tournament, 5K Run, Quoits Tournament, BSA Chicken BBQ

*'Danville Civil War Trolley Tours' This tour leaves at the corner of Mill Street and Route 11. Tickets of $12 must be purchased at the Company Store. Times of the tour are 10am • 11:30am • 1pm • 2:30pm • 4pm and 9pm. This guided tour will visit the following locations: The Montgomery House, the Civil War Encampment, West Mahoning Street, West Market Street, The Ferry, The Grove Mansion, The G.A.R. Cemetery Plot, Memorial Park, Abigail Geisinger's Home, The Company Store and the Company Houses. (once on the trolley, no walking is required)


~ At the Civil War Encampment at the DMS all day Saturday July 20, 2013 ~
93rd PA Volunteer Regiment
149th Bucktails
John Deppen
Confederacy of Union Generals
Dodworth Saxhorn Band
2nd South Carolina String Band
Union Volunteer Fife & Drum Corp
Eileen Anderson, Washer Woman
Harold English, Blacksmith
Faye and Barry Stocker

  • 6:45am – 7:15am – July 20,  Registration Iron Heritage Festival Quoits Tournament Saturday, July 20 sponsored by the USQA will be held Saturday. Quoits, the predecessor of horseshoe pitching, dating back to ancient Greek Olympics was played by young and old alike, rich and poor. Tournaments went on at every picnic and get together. In Danville, tournaments were played in Montgomery Park at lunch time and in the evenings. The tournament will be played behind the tennis courts on the Danville Middle School lawn. Not only do the 'quoits pitchers' play for the prize money but for the prestige of being the best quoits pitcher in the country! In the past years there were several local teams, one team even won a prize and participated in other USQA events, so get your teams together! For more information about the quoits tournament check out the website at www.quoits.info. Applications can be found at the IHF Company Store and also on USQA website.
  • 7:15-8:15 – Saturday, July 20  'Rails to Trails 5k Race' - Start the day by cheering on your favorite runners as they test their stamina. Starting at the DMS at 8:30am, the runners will travel on the scenic course, our Trail of History for prizes. Applications available here. Jeff Brandt is director
  • 8am to 5pm – Out House Dig, behind 223 Mill  Street. See Friday, 1pm for details
  • 9am - Au Matin in the Basilica on the grounds of St. Cyril Academy. Concert of Scared music is under the direction of Gail Garman. Guests will include the Dodworth Band
  • 10am – 5pm Montgomery House open House. Danville’s most historic home is open to the public this weekend. The reproduction of the 93rd PA Vol. Regiment Company flag will be on display as well as the Society's Civil War items. Mr Randy Hackenburg will talk about Montour County in the Civil War and his book "They Paid the Price" and Mr. Bob Lyon will display his Col. Charles Eckman collection.
  • 10am - 5pm - Rebecca Ermish, Women and the War Effort. Borough Ballroom
  • 10am - 5pm - Miniature Display by the Susquehanna Mini Makers at 279 Mill Street. Vote for your favorite room in the award winning brownstone apartment building model. Newly constructed room boxes will range from an elegant Victorian Tea Room to a rooftop fairy garden.
  • 10am – DMS Big Mill Train station Train Ride to Bloomsburg ($10).  With guests 'The Jolly Tars' The train will run 4 times during the day, either to Bloomsburg or Northumberland. The Big Mill station is at the DMS beside the tennis courts. Pre-sale Train tickets will be sold at the IHF Company Store starting in June,  but  only  at the Train station site on Saturday July 20,
  • 10am - Franklin Furnace with Gene Shipe, on Furnace Road off route 642. A direct descendant of Philip Maus, Gene describes the day by day operation of a hot blast furnace.
  • 10am – ‘Railroads of Montour’ with John Decker at Hawkins Chevrolet. (See Friday 4pm for              details)
  • 10am - Canal Park - Ed Petrovich - Danville's own master of the keyboard
  • 10am - Reception for President Abraham Lincoln (Mr. James Getty) 200 West Market Street. Meet and speak with the 16th president of the United State in one of Danville's most historic homes. ($10, limited ticket sales)
  • 10:30am - *Trolley Tour - ($12) Corner of Mill & Route 11 (please see Trolley info above
  • 11am-1pm – Wagon Rides - corner of Mill and West Mahoning Streets, ($3 children, $5 adults)   
  • 11am-1pm – Carriage Rides - corner of Mill and East Mahoning Streets ($3 children, $5 adults)
  • 11am - Canal Park - Union Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps - The Union volunteer Fife and Drum Corp is a historically authentic musical group specializing in the martial field music of the fife and the deep rumble of the drum. These musicians perform on beautiful replica period instruments.
  • 11am - 1p - Van Wagner and friends will once again present the Coal Dredger 'The Billy Marks' and speak on the dredging of the Susquehanna River for anthracite coal that washed down river from the mines and breakers up river. At the River edge at the end of Ferry Street
  • 11am - The Dodworth Band is honored to play the introduction of President Abraham Lincoln!  At the Montour County Courthouse Grounds
  • 11:30am - Mr. James Getty, of Gettysburg, Pa has been portraying Preside Lincoln since 1978. We invite you to the Courthouse Grounds to hear Mr. Lincoln's most famous speeches, 'The Gettysburg Address' and 'The Second Inaugural Address'.
  • Noon - Join President Lincoln and a few of his generals at the Doctor's Inn for a box lunch and conversation.  Dodworth Band will entertain with a few  Civil War melodies. ($25) At the Doctor's Inn, West Market Street.
  • Noon - Canal Park - Excelsior Cornet Band - The Excelsior Cornet Band  is New York State’s only authentic Civil War brass  band. Founded in 2001, the band consists of a group of upstate New York musicians who are dedicated to the performance of original Civil War music on actual antique brass band instruments of the 1860’s period.
  • Noon - 3rd Trolley Tour ($12) Corner of Mill & Route 11. Please see *Trolley info above.
  • 12:15pm - Mr. George Turner will speak about the Civil War Prisons. Mr. Turner is a former member of the Bloomsburg University History Dept. and author of local and Pennsylvania State history. In the Moose Social Room
  • 12:30 - IHF Train Ride -to Northumberland (see Saturday 10am for details) Entertainers will be entertaining Kids and Adults alike with Civil War and Train songs! Free Engineer's Hat for all Children 12 & under on this ride.
  • 1pm - 'Researching your Civil War Ancestors' with Doyle Dietz. If you are into genealogy, you will enjoy this relaxed discussion with Doyle on various ways to hunt for your great, great grandparents and their role in the Civil War. In Premier Studios, 232 Mill St.  
  • 1pm - Canal Park - The Jolly Tars - hear the songs of the North and the South that buoyed the spirits at home and on the front. Performing together since the mid 1990's Jake Laubach and Ken Purcell have a wide repertoire of songs and musical instruments a few of which include a mandolin, ukulele and guitar.
  • 1pm - 'Railroads of Montour' with John Decker at Hawkins. See Friday, 4pm for details.
  • 1:30pm - 4th Trolley Tour ($12) Corner of Mill & Route 11. Please see *Trolley info above.
  • 1:30pm  -  'Confederation  of Union Generals' - 'Meet the Generals' during a series of questions and answers from the public, in first person and in character, a narrative about their own role and accomplishments during the Civil War. Civil War Encampment, DMS
  • 2pm - Canal Park - Dodworth Saxhorn Band ` The Dodworth Saxhorn Band, a premier Civil War Band from Ann Arbor Michigan had been performing since 1985 and has presented concerts in venues ranging from small communities to The White House in Washington, D.C.

Their emphasis for 2013 is on the music of the American Civil War with hymns, dance and popular songs and patriotic melodies.

  • 2pm-3pm - Nathaniel's Call, book signing by author Robert John Andrews next to the IHF Company Store Tent. Mr. Andrews tells the story of Nathaniel McKenna , who in 1862 serves as a Regimental Chaplain and with his friend Valentine O'Rourke, a surgeon, they face the horrors of war.
  • 2:30 - 'Civil War Drums' by Jack Lawton.  Mr. Lawton, Civil War drum expert will be displaying  drum related items, such as Civil War era drumsticks, slings, leather ears & rope. He describes how calf skin and flesh hoops were used for drum heads, and how to use a calf skin tucking tool. He will also perform  drumming demonstrations  which include drum calls ranging from assembling officers for meetings to sounding retreat in the midst of enemy fire as well as beating cadence that was used for a unit's marching. In the Moose Social Room
  • 2:30 - IHF Train Ride - to Bloomsburg with entertainment by the Union Volunteers Fife & Drums Corps (see Saturday 10am for details) ($10)
  • 3pm - 5th Trolley Tour ($12) Corner of Mill & Route 11. Please see *Trolley info above.
  • 3pm - Civil War Encampment - 2nd Carolina String Band - The 2nd South Carolina String Band performs Civil War music as authentically as possible. The listener will hear the music of the 19th century played on 19th century period instruments in the appropriate style. This is the music as it truly sounded to the soldiers of the Civil War.
  • 3pm - Canal Park - Van Wagner - miner, logger, teacher, songwriter, one of Danville's favorite Sons. and always entertaining!
  • 4pm - Canal Park - Suzanne Walzer - The IHF is proud to welcome Suzanne back to the stage. Accompanying herself on the guitar, Suzanne will take you on a musical tour in history.
  • 4:30pm - 6th Trolley Tour ($12) Corner of Mill & Route 11. Please see *Trolley info above.
  • 5pm - Canal Park - The Jolly Tars (see Sat 1pm for more details)
  • 5pm - IHF Train Ride - re-enactor Terry Diener will tell Civil War Stories. of local soldiers he has found in his research.  (see Saturday 10am for details) ($10)
  • 6pm - Canal Park - Echoing Heart - Randy and Josie will take you back in time playing the fiddle, banjo, mandolin and the harmonica.
  • 7pm - Danville Ballroom - Join your Friends and Family and listen to the Dodworth Band and meet representatives of the Confederation of Union Generals in an evening of good music with good friends.  (no fee)

  • 10pm - Fireworks over the Susquehanna River


SUNDAY JULY 21, 2013

  • 9am to 3pm Fly-In at the Danville/Riverside Airport, Sunbury Road, Riverside. Celebrate the Airport’s 75th Anniversary while watching the planes fly in. Visit with the pilots, learn about their plans. The radio control flyers will be showing off their skills with tricks for their model planes.  Also for your enjoyment will antique farm machinery, an antique car show and food a vendor with breakfast and lunch available. Plane rides available for a fee.
  • 10:45am - Mahoning Presbyterian Church - Civil War Church service with the musical talents of the Dodworth Saxhorn Band as Pastor Graham Rogers and re-enactor Chaplin John E. lead the congregation in a Civil War era Church Service.
  • Noon to 3pm – Montgomery House Open House, Danville’s most historic home is open to the public this weekend.
  • 1pm – Danville Middle School tennis courts, 3rdnd Annual Dr Foss Tennis Tournament Finals

  • 6:30 pm - Hymn Sing, Bring your lawn chairs (Rain, Mahoning Presbyterian Church) led by the musical friends of the IHF. Montgomery Park on Water Street by the River.

This Schedule will change as the IHF Committee continues to make plans for the Festival. Come back often to see what is new!

Due to the circumstances beyond our control, stated events may be changed as time gets closer.